PHP String Variable

PHP string variable is variable that is used contains text or characters. In this lesson we are going to learn how to store a string in a variable and use a string directly into a function.

Let’s see some example of storing a string in a variable and output it in our browser using the echo clause.

 $greetings="Hi guys!";
 echo $greetings;

The output will be:

Hi guys!

Concatenation Operator

Concatenation Operator is a operator used to join two or more characters.

The symbol of Concatenation Operator in PHP is a period (.).

Here is the example of putting two strings using the Concatenation Operator:

 $text1="Hi guys!";
 $text2="How are you?";
 echo $text1 . " " . $text2;

The output will be:

Hi guys! How are you?

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