IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System

IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System

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This post will walk you through the process of developing a conceptual framework for a capstone project titled Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System. The input, process, output (IPO) model was used to develop the conceptual framework for the investigation.

About the Project

Today, technology has been used to develop platforms that can digitally replicate real-life problems and improve the efficacy of dealing with them. The goal of the new existing invention in ICT is to provide a wide range of benefits to each individual in order to make their life easier and more productive. Circumstances cannot be avoided; thus, it is critical to be prepared for any situation in which we can analyze and accomplish the task, regardless of how awful the situation is. As a result of today’s events, a pandemic has struck many people’s life, halting all sessions and physical contact. In this type of environment, the demand for counseling is growing since people are more likely to rot at home, causing them to make mistakes and experience other events that require counseling. However, because people are barred from making physical contact under the regulations that must be followed, it will be difficult for individuals to seek counseling. It is for this reason that the capstone project “Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System” was implemented, which fills the gap in providing counseling in difficult situations.

Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System Free Bootstrap and PHP Script
Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System Free Bootstrap and PHP Script

Objectives of the Study

  1. To eliminate the present system’s manual faults and replace it with a computerized system
  2. To create a platform that could effectively and efficiently monitor people’s behaviour and mental health.
  3. To develop a system that can give services regardless of the circumstances.
  4. The system’s goal is to provide a mechanism for people to prioritize mental health in this context, while also allowing them to seek help in a more convenient and secure manner.
  5. To create a system that isn’t prone to errors, isn’t time demanding, and, most importantly, maximizes security.

Conceptual Framework/Model

The graphic below represents the conceptual framework for the project, dubbed Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System. It employs the input, process, and output (IPO) model.

Conceptual Framework of Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System
Conceptual Framework of Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System


User Requirement – This is the area where the researchers obtained information about the system’s unique properties. It is vital to consider their opinions because they will be using the Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System.

Review of Related Literature – The researchers have conducted investigations and studies in the proposed system’s region. This procedure will be useful to the researchers as they develop the project or system.

Programming Knowledge – This is where the researchers can now use their knowledge in programming to design and develop the system.


This is the part where the researchers will select and choose the best software development life cycle model for the project.

Data gathering

During this phase, the study’s researcher gathered all conceivable needs for the system’s development, including those obtained from the system’s beneficiaries, the end users. The survey questionnaire was created by the researcher and was validated by specialists. The surveys were used to collect information in order to improve the performance of the proposed system for future community use.

Data analysis

Consultation is used to gather requirements from the end user and generate ideas. We also administered a survey questionnaire, which was accepted by the three experts (IT Expert, English Grammarian, and Researcher). These questionnaires also functioned as our data collection tool for evaluating the performance of the manual system, which served as the foundation for creating our suggested system.

System Design

During this phase, the prototype and planned system features are developed. A concrete grasp of how the system will work is also formed. In this section, we identify all of the necessary system inputs and outputs, as well as the design of data, processes, and interfaces.


In this stage, we materialized the whole idea of the software to be designed. We created the program for the proposed system. The actual coding of the software is based on the system design and the requirements needs to be met. This is where the proper execution of the previous stages ensures a smooth implementation.

Program testing

In this phase, the researcher performed series of testing to check for any possible problems may arise during implementation and operation of the software and if the specification has been met.

System acceptance 

This is the final stage, where the system is being installed and to be maintained after actual implementation. One must take into consideration are the hardware and the software requirements for the proper installation of the system. As part of the acceptance of this phase, the client is required to have a user training to enable them to familiarize fully the whole system.


The project comes to life and is executed in the real world after all of the necessary procedures have been completed. A new project is born, and it will be maintained for the project’s long-term survival. The Online Patient Information System will be implemented, used, and maintained at this stage.

Counsellors can now give services to more individuals, in more places, and with greater flexibility thanks to the virtual guided counselling system.

Counselors, students, and parents have all benefitted from the virtual guidance counseling system.

Students have found that using a virtual guidance counseling system has helped them become more organized and efficient in their studies. Counsellors’ efficiency in offering services has improved thanks to a virtual guided counselling system.

50+ Free Download Web Bases System Template in Bootstrap
50+ Free Download Web Bases System Template in Bootstrap


The input, process, and output (IPO) model will be used to construct the study’s conceptual framework. Before applying their programming talents to build the project, the researchers identify the project’s user requirements and evaluate relevant literature for the study. The researchers will use the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) technique to complete the system. Its goal is to ensure that the project goes through several stages in order to provide comprehensive functioning that satisfies the needs of the users. As a result of this project, the Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System will be implemented, used, and maintained.

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