IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Medical Dictionary Application

IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Medical Dictionary Application (iOS, Android)

This post will show you how to construct a conceptual framework for the Medical Dictionary Application (iOS, Android) capstone project. This study’s conceptual framework was built on the input, process, and output (IPO) model.

About the Project

Medical Dictionary Application is a capstone project design to serve as a source of information in terms of medical terminologies. The application will contain medical terms, abbreviations and its meaning. The application can be used by both iOS and Android users.

In the modern world, the need for accessible information is very important especially information that deals with our health. Not everyone is knowledgeable enough about the terminologies that are related to medical field. People are used to seek for information from doctors or medical experts. It is also important for medical students to have knowledge about different medical terminologies and abbreviations that is medically related. Students often rely on their professors and books for information and this is not enough resources for them to be knowledgeable enough. What we need nowadays are accessible and portable source of information that deals with our health. The manual way in attaining information is not efficient and convenient.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To develop an application that will serve as medical reference.
  2. The application will serve as repository of accurate information about medical terms.
  3. Output of the capstone project will have a simple interface and will be easy to use so that wide range of people can use it.
  4. To provide convenience to the users in seeking medical information.
  5. Develop a mobile application that can be used in an offline setting or without internet connection.

Conceptual Framework/Model

Conceptual Framework of Medical Dictionary Application
Conceptual Framework of Medical Dictionary Application

The image above is the conceptual framework of the project entitled Medical Dictionary Application (iOS, Android). It is based on IPO model or also known as the input, process and output model.


The input phase or the knowledge requirement stage consists of the following:

  • Problem Statement and Opportunities – the researchers selected to conduct a study on Medical Dictionary Application (iOS, Android).
  • Interview and Observation on the current process – the researchers conducted a preliminary interview and observation method to further understand the need for a medical dictionary.
  • Sample forms and reports – the researchers also gathered the sample forms and reports. This serves as a guide in the preparation of form design and reports of the system.
  • Related Literature and Systems – the researchers conducted a research on the different literatures and related systems to serve as a guide in the development of the Medical Dictionary Application (iOS, Android)


  • Method of Research

The researcher employed descriptive-developmental research methods. The typical processes of planning, conducting, and reporting a research project—problem definition, literature reviews, and research procedures—are described in this paper (link.springer.com). Descriptive research explains what the study is about. The study focuses on the current condition, with the goal of discovering new truths. It is concerned with existing relationship conditions, methods that succeed, ongoing processes, and developing effects. Descriptive research entails components of interpretation of the relevance of what is presented, with the primary emphasis on the finding of ideas and insights (www.slideshare.net).

  • Method of Collecting Data

The researchers used interviews as a way to get in-depth and to gather data. It consists of one person interviewing another person for personal or detailed information. The interviewer will ask questions from a written questionnaire and recorded the answers in order to summarize the findings.

  • Development of Research Instrument

Before collecting data, the researchers built their own research instrument. The Good and Scate questionnaire was used to validate this self-created assessment by three experts. The researchers employed common criteria defined in McCall’s Software Quality Model surveys to test the system’s quality.

  • Software Development Life Cycle
Medical Transcription Platform Free Template Source code - List of Members
Medical Transcription Platform Free Template Source code – List of Members

Analysis and Quick Design

During Analysis and Quick Design, the researchers performed an interview with the respondents in the location of the study. Respondents were given the opportunity to make suggestions and requests about how the system should be created and developed. Following data collection, the researchers created an early design for the developed system.

Data Analysis

The researchers analysed all the data, information, and the user requirements. This phase, the project lifecycle began. The researchers tried to understand the data and information on how to create the system and help conceptualize on how the developed system would be began beneficial to the operators. It analysing the needs of the end users to ensure that the new system can meet their expectations.

System Design

The researchers started to develop the system. This phase describes the necessary requirements, features and operations that satisfies the functional requirements of the developed system which in place. This phase decides how the system operates.

Prototype Cycle

This phase comprises the process of developing a system model, demonstrating it, and refining the data acquired. The researchers initially created a prototype model based on the planned design, which was then shown to the responders. After constructing the prototype, the researchers demonstrated the system’s operation, the flow of how it operates, and the functions of the elements included in the system. Refinement is the final stage. At this stage, the researchers updated the system based on the extra requirements of the operator. This included improvements to the flow, functionality, and features based on the needs provided by the respondents. This aided the researchers in generating a preliminary set of system requirements.


This includes the feed backing of the developed system that was installed and tested by three (3) experts and its intended users. This part put into production by moving the data and components from the old system to the new system.


The study’s ultimate output is a Medical Dictionary Application (iOS, Android) that will assist users in understanding medical terminologies by providing a conveniently available and accessible source of knowledge. The system’s implementation is strongly encouraged.

A medical dictionary is a specific kind of dictionary that is intended to assist individuals in understanding the terminology that is used in the medical field. People who are having trouble comprehending medical language may benefit from using a medical dictionary, which may contain definitions of medical terms, pronunciations of medical phrases, images, and other information. People who are studying to become nurses or doctors, as well as people who are merely attempting to comprehend medical language, can benefit greatly from the use of a medical dictionary as a reference. A medical dictionary can be found online or in print versions.

Medical Dictionary Application Capstone Project
Medical Dictionary Application Capstone Project


The input, process, and output (IPO) model was used to develop the study’s conceptual framework, which is the topic of this article. The input phase, also known as the knowledge necessary stage, includes a problem statement and opportunities, an interview and observation of the current process, sample forms and reports, and related literature and systems. The process stage includes the research design/method, data collection method, sampling design, and software development life cycle. The study’s ultimate output is a Medical Dictionary Application (iOS, Android) that will assist users in understanding medical terminologies by providing a conveniently available and accessible source of knowledge. The system’s implementation is strongly encouraged.

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