IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Loan Management with SMS Notification System

IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Loan Management with SMS Notification System

This post will demonstrate how to develop a conceptual framework for a capstone project called Loan Management using SMS Notification System. The study’s conceptual framework was built using the input, process, and output (IPO) model.

Online Loan Management System Admin Dashboard
Online Loan Management System Admin Dashboard

About the Project

Loan Management System is an online platform designed and developed in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap, the said project aimed to convert the manual process of loan management into an automated systems that stores and organizes the records in a database driven application. Core functions of the system are to provide a fast, accurate and secure transaction between the customers and the management. Specifically, the system can manage the payments and accounting, contract management, report generation, and notification through SMS or text. The study was conducted in a cooperative with 10 employees and more than 100 members that serve as the respondents of the study. Rapid Application Development was used as the model for the development of the system, with this model; the researchers/developers developed a prototype in the early stage of the project. Testing was done in two ways; (1) the system was evaluated and reviewed by IT experts to make sure that the project is of high quality and meets the standards, (2) after it was tested by the IT experts, revisions were made and then it was presented to the client for beta testing. The main purpose of the beta testing is to test the efficiency and accuracy of the project in the live environment before it will be implemented. Proper training to the end-users was also conducted and the developers provided a technical support to make sure that the implementation will proceed as planned.

Conceptual Framework/Model

The image below depicts the project’s conceptual framework, entitled Loan Management with SMS Notification System. It is based on the input, process, and output (IPO) model.

Conceptual Framework of Loan Management with SMS Notification System
Conceptual Framework of Loan Management with SMS Notification System


User Requirement – This is the section where the researchers have gathered data on the system’s special features. It’s critical to think about their ideas because they’ll be the ones using the Loan Management with SMS Notification System.

Review of Related Literature – The researchers have undertaken investigations and research in the area of the proposed system. The researchers will benefit from this procedure as they create the project or system.

This is where the researchers can now use their knowledge in programming to design and develop the system.


This is the part where the researchers will select and choose the best software development life cycle model for the project.

Data gathering

During this phase, the study’s researcher gathered all conceivable needs for the system’s development, including those obtained from the system’s beneficiaries, the end users. The survey questionnaire was created by the researcher and was validated by specialists. The surveys were used to collect information in order to improve the performance of the proposed system for future community use.

Data analysis

Consultation is used to acquire requirements from the end-user, and ideas are made. We also conducted a survey questionnaire, which the three experts approved (IT Expert, English Grammarian, and Researcher). And these questionnaires served as our data collection instrument for assessing the performance of the manual system, which served as the foundation for developing our proposed system.

System Design

The prototype and the proposed features of the system are created in this phase. Also the concrete understanding of how the system will operate is developed. In here, we identify all the necessary system inputs and outputs, design of data, processes and interfaces.

Online Loan Management System Member Loan Request
Online Loan Management System Member Loan Request


In this stage, we materialized the whole idea of the software to be designed. We created the program for the proposed system. The actual coding of the software is based on the system design and the requirements needs to be met. This is where the proper execution of the previous stages ensures a smooth implementation.

Program testing

In this phase, the researcher performed series of testing to check for any possible problems may arise during implementation and operation of the software and if the specification has been met.

System acceptance 

This is the final stage, where the system is being installed and to be maintained after actual implementation. One must take into consideration are the hardware and the software requirements for the proper installation of the system. As part of the acceptance of this phase, the client is required to have a user training to enable them to familiarize fully the whole system.


After all of the relevant procedures have been completed, the project comes to life and is carried out in the actual world. A new initiative has been born, and it will be nurtured in order to ensure the project’s long-term viability. At this time, the Loan Management with SMS Notification System will be installed, used, and maintained.

This project is to develop a loan management system with SMS notification system.

  • The system will allow users to manage their loans, view their loan balance, and receive SMS notification for their loan balance.
  • The system will also allow users to view their loan history.
  • The system will be developed in PHP and MySQL. The system will be designed to be user friendly and easy to use.
  • The system will provide automated SMS notifications to borrowers for their loan repayments, informing them of the due date, amount, and any late fees that may apply.


The input, process, and output (IPO) model will be used to create the study’s conceptual framework. Before applying their programming talents to build the project, the researchers identify the project’s user requirements and evaluate relevant literature for the study. The researchers will use the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) technique to finish the system. Its goal is to ensure that the project goes through a number of stages in order to ensure that it has full functionality that satisfies the needs of the consumers. As a result of this project, the Loan Management with SMS Notification System will be implemented, used, and maintained.

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