School Management System in Visual Basic 6.0

System Features and Description

The functionality of the system is divided into (5) five major categories (Administrative, Registrar, Cashier, Enrollment and Student Information Modules).

The feature/function of the system

Administrative Module

Manage Sections – Create, Update, Delete class sections

Manage Year Level – Create, Update, Delete year level information

Manage School Year – Create, Update, Delete school year information

Manage Subjects – Create, Update, Delete subjects information

Manage Faculty (Teachers) – Create, Update, Delete faculty information

And have full access to the system and other modules – enables the administrator to manage all the features in the system

Registrar Module

Manage Credentials (form 137, etc.) – Create, Update, Delete the credentials of students

View all enrolled student – displays the student enrolled for a certain school year

View student record (personal record, Grades, subjects and teachers) – enables to view the record of a specific student

Grade Input and Validation – input or encode the grades of students

 Cashier Module

Receive Payments – accept payments from students

Collectibles – display/view the amount to be collected/balances of the students

Payment List – display/view the list of payments and its total amount

Manage Fees – Create, Update, Delete fee information (tuition fee, library fee, etc.)

Student Ledger – display/view the financial transaction of the students

Enrollment  Module

View Enrollment Statistics – summarizes the number students enrolled every school year, every year level and every classes

View Enrolled student complete details (view subject, year-section and teacher) – displays the subjects taken and the teacher for every subject of the student

Student Information  Module

View student record (personal record, Grades, subjects and teachers – read only) – every student can access and view their own records (personal record, Grades, subjects and teachers)

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