RFID Based Employee Monitoring System Chapter 1

RFID Based Employee Monitoring System Chapter 1



Technology has always been a part of everyday lives and one of this is Radio Frequency Identification or commonly called as RFID. In some instances, it sometimes compared to Barcode.

The RFID device serves the same purpose as barcode or a magnetic strip on the back of a credit card; it provides a unique identifier for that object. And, just as a barcode or magnetic must be scanned to get the information; the RFID device must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information. (Technovelgy.com)

There are three components of RFID; the tag reader, the RFID tag and antenna. RFID have been used for years especially in identification, tracking and monitoring. One of the advantages of RFID device is that it doesn’t need to be positioned specifically relative to the reader because it will work within a few feet of the RFID reader.

RFID Based Employee Monitoring System Chapter 1
RFID Based Employee Monitoring System Chapter 1

Our subject of the study uses manual system for monitoring the faculty members. In their manual system, the person whom assigned for the monitoring needs to check every classroom which takes a lot of effort and time. Sometimes it encounters errors and there is also a tendency that the records will be misplaced.

The proposed Faculty Monitoring System using RFID will be designed to monitor the faculty members with much easier and greater accuracy of records. The person whom assigned for monitoring doesn’t need to check every classroom because with the use of RFID, the teacher will be automatically detected inside the faculty room and classroom. It works more convenient and effective than manual processing.

With Database System, it will help to organize the management of records of the monitoring of the faculty members; input information and releasing of hard and soft copies of the reports. With this, it could help the user to do the task accurately with fast and better processing.

Objectives of the Study

This capstone project aims to design, develop and implement a Faculty Monitoring System using RFID.

Specifically it aims:

  • To replace the manual method of monitoring into a database driven information system.
  • To develop a centralized and distributed server and database where the information is shared between different computer units.
  • To monitor the faculty member with the use of RFID.
  • To develop a system that will help the administration to have appropriate and secured storage of records.


Scope and Limitation

The focused of the study are the faculty members of [state your subject study]. This system will monitor the faculty members inside the faculty room and classroom with the use of RFID tag and tag reader. The RFID tag is located in the ID’s and the tag reader is located in every door of classrooms and faculty room for the detection of identification.

The delimitations of the proposed system are: the Faculty Monitoring System using RFID will be implemented on the a specific department of the academic institution; the system is only available for authorized users; only the administrator can add, edit, delete as well as update the faculty information; faculty members enter the rooms bringing the RFID tag (ID) of their Co-faculty; and the faculty member forget to bring their RFID tag (ID).

Significance of the Study

The study will benefit several areas of the Faculty Department System such as:

Faculty Administrator. This system can improve the process by minimizing the problems caused by their manual system. The user can add, edit, delete and update data processes. The user doesn’t need to go to every room for monitoring the faculty members.

Human Resource. This system can provide monthly reports about the attendance of the faculty members.

Faculty Members.  This system can provide accurate records of their monitoring.

Future Student Researchers. The result of this study will also help and guide to those student researchers who would like to conduct a study using RFID.

Definition of Terms

For better interpretation of the discussion of the study, the following terms are operationally defined:

RFID Tags. This RFID tags used to identify enter and exit of faculty member inside the faculty room and classrooms.

RFID Tag Reader. Supplies the connection between the tag data and the RFID software for the needed information.

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