Point of Sale in Visual Basic

The Proposed Point of Sale establishes sufficient, fast and easy manipulations of customer transactions.  It designed to provide quality performance and good services to the employees at the same time improve the organization’s better facility.   The system used corresponding username and password as well as to activate its features and for the security purpose.

Point of Sale
Point of Sale

Significance of the Study

This study will be a big help to the company, for the purpose of determining whether the Point of Sale system will upgrade the way of their services, and this study will help them to monitor their products at less consumed time and less exerted effort, thus providing organization’ s good performance.

The following persons will be the beneficiary of the researchers study:

Employees. They will be the primary beneficiaries of the researchers’ study, through this system proposal the employees will determine whether the proposal will give importance to their daily activities.

Customers/Members/Clients. They will also gain benefit from the researchers’ study in a way that this study will be the basis of improving the inventory system; it will give them accurate action in every transactions that they will meet inside the company.

Officer.  Officers will also shared benefits from the researchers’ study for the purpose that the proposed study will be accelerate the way of its management services.

System Flow
System Flow

This figure shows the process of the proposed Point of Sale System. Through the ordering procedure, the system will checks if there’s an available item in the current stocks that is available to release and sell.  If there’s an items available to sell the ordering transaction will take place and after the order that, the inventory process will occur, when the inventory is done the system will issue a billing transaction to its client/customer.  After the customer had paid the, the system will provide an original receipt for the order items rendered by a customer.

Project Benefits

It is a benefit that something improves the business standing, through the use of proposed Point of Sale System, the benefits are: fewer processing errors, increased throughput, decrease response time, elimination of job steps and reduces expenses.  At the same part improved customer goodwill, improve customer morale, improved employee job satisfaction and better service to institution.

Software Recommendation

The researchers prefer and selected reliable computer software for the proposed Point of Sale System

The following are the requirements of software to be used during the development and implementation of the system:

  1. Development
    • Microsoft Windows 7
    • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
    • MySQL/MS Access
  2. Implementation
    • MySQL Database
    • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime packages

Hardware Recommendation

Below are the requirements lists of hardware for the development of the user interface of the proposed system:

Processor: Pentium 4/Dual Core Processor/Quad Core Processor

Monitor: Acer X193W – 19in” WidescreenLCD Monitor

Primary Storage:  512 MB DDR2 & Higher Memory

Secondary Storage: 80 GB SATA or IDE Hard Disk/500 GB SATA Hard Disk


  • Standard Mouse
  • Standard Keyboard
  • Standard Printer
  • AVR
  • Barcode Scanner

Peopleware Recommendation

If the system is implemented, only the authorized employees of the can access and manipulate the system. At the same time the user should be a computer literate and must undergo training to understand and familiarized the features of the proposed system.

Conclusion and Recommendation

After conducting an investigation and gathering of data, based upon the results of the study, the researchers concluded the following:

  1. Generally, most of the respondents answered very effective in terms of: Need Determination, Inventory in Storage, Inventory Disposition, Program Planning and Monitoring. As to have a good performance and effective point of sale system the proposed system should be replaced to the present manual process used by company, the proposed system is highly recommended for the basis of improvement.
  2. The manual process currently used by the company should be replaced by the proposed system for the great benefits of the beneficiaries

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