Payroll System Chapter 5 Documentation

Payroll System Chapter 5 Documentation



This chapter presents the summary, conclusion and recommendation of the researcher based from the results of the study.


This study aimed to develop an Automated Payroll System. The actual mode of the system automates payroll for faster, easy and accurate computation of salary and deductions.

Descriptive survey methods by administering questioner getting the percentage were used by the researchers. Self-made questionnaire was used as research instrument. Respondents were the employees of Business Institution.

After administering the questionnaire, the data were collected, collated and tabulated with the use of tally sheet and frequency.

Payroll System Chapter 5 Documentation
Payroll System Chapter 5 Documentation

It was treated statistically using descriptive statistics such as frequency and percentage. Results showed that majority of the employees confirmed to develop an Automation System. One hundred percentage transactions were processed using manual. It has a total sample of one hundred (100), the data gathered were analyzed using statistical tools such as mode, frequency and percentage.

The preference of employee to adopt an Automation System in developing Automated Payroll System was found to be “Very High”. For all these, the researchers were found out that there is a need to propose an automated payroll system

Summary of Findings

Socio-Demographics of the Respondents

Responses by Gender of the respondents

When characterized according to Gender, majority of the employee are male out of thirty two (32) employees the male are twenty five (25) and the female are seven (7).

Responses by Employment Status of the respondents

When classified according to Employment Status of the respondent, majority is permanent out of thirty two (32) the permanent is twenty (20) and the casual is (12)

Responses by Frequency and Percentage Distribution of Respondents on the Payroll System employed by Business Institution.

When classified according to Frequency and Percentage Distribution of the respondent, majority is manual out of thirty two (32) the manual is thirty two (32) and the rest is zero (o)


Based from the results of the study the following conclusions were drawn:

  1. The preset payroll system employed by Business Institution is manual.
  2. The employees of Business Institution revealed that they preferred “very high” in adapting Automated System.
  3. Visual Basic is most preferred by the respondents.


       Based from the above conclusion, the researcher advanced the following recommendation:

  1. Manual system of payroll preparation is antiquated, tedious and error prone system, therefore it is recommended that it will be discarded.
  2. Since the preference level of respondents to adapt Automated System is “very high” it is therefore recommended that the institution will access soonest possible time on Automated Payroll System.
  3. Visual Basic was preferred most by the respondents, hence the program is readily available from the researcher disposal, and it is therefore recommended that testing and trials be conducted by company personnel with the assistance of the researcher. As such it will form part of their training once the system will be completely adapted.

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