Attendance System Using Near Field Communication Technology

Attendance System Using Near Field Communication Technology

Project Context

Face to face interaction were back in these days where in people can freely move and interact with each other in office, schools or any type of meeting arrangements, thus taking attendance is a must. When done manually, taking attendance takes a lot of time and effort because each person’s name must be written down and checked against the list. There are several technological methods for tracking and recording attendance, including face recognition and biometrics. This study offers a new technology-based attendance system based on NFC and NFC-supported solution for managing attendance procedures. The researchers create a significant platform to take the place of the manual attendance-taking process. The system, called “Attendance System Using Near Field Communication Technology,” uses NFC technology to make taking attendance simple and to improve the efficiency of monitoring individual attendees and absences. NFC will act as a detecting tool for students and surrounding faculties, informing administration of the person’s presence or absence with minimal additional work or time.

It is true that manually recording and verifying each person’s attendance takes a lot of time and work. Teachers have a habit of calling students’ names when they are there, but parents are not informed of their children’s presence, which is generally not a good thing. Overall, processing and operations take a lot of time, which can lead to delays in instruction and time spent on crucial tasks. The system’s existence makes it necessary for modern attendance supervision to be sophisticated and is undoubtedly beneficial to users because it offers numerous benefits.

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Objectives of the Study

General Objectives – The researchers’ primary goal is on creating an efficient, timely, and accurate attendance system using near field communication technology.

The researchers specifically aim to achieve the following goals:

  1. To create an NFC-based attendance system to replace the current system of recording attendance.
  2. To promptly check on students’ attendance as they enter and exit the building.
  3. To upgrade the current attendance system to one that is supported by technology.
  4. To make it possible for parents to keep an eye on their children by getting SMS alerts about attendance.
  5. To create a system that makes it simple and practical to manage attendance records.
Biometric Based Attendance System Database Model
Biometric Based Attendance System Database Model

Significance of the Study

Educational institutions.  Schools will gain from the project’s success by having a methodical way to track kids’ attendance. The system will assist them in compiling precise and trustworthy attendance records. It would be simpler for staff to take attendance with their specific kids. Their work will be reduced, and they can impart knowledge in the allotted period. They have money to spend on those crucial issues.

School staff. They can use the system to compile a complete list of pupils who consistently attend class. They can effortlessly keep an eye on their students’ whereabouts.

Students. They can easily and conveniently record their attendance, and the system will make sure that it is accurately recorded.

Parents. They can use the system to keep an eye on their kids’ school attendance. The system will give them a brief message letting them know when their pupils arrive and depart from school.

Researchers. The project will improve their programming knowledge and abilities.

Future Researchers. If they want to create their own version of the attendance system or improve the system, they can use the research as a guide.

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What is an NFC?

A new form of communication technology called NFCs enables devices to communicate with one another over incredibly close distances. RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFCs are comparable technologies; however NFCs offer the additional capability of data transfer between devices. Applications for NFC technology include data interchange, contactless payments, and access control. NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a technology that allows devices to communicate with each other wirelessly over very short distances. NFC allows two devices to share small amounts of data, such as a URL or contact information. NFC is similar to Bluetooth but has several advantages over Bluetooth. NFC does not require pairing and is much faster than Bluetooth. Additionally, NFC can be used to pay for goods and services with a mobile phone, making it a popular payment option. NFCs are frequently utilized in marketing and advertising. Businesses can communicate directly with their customers by utilizing NFC technology. This enables companies to deliver advertisements and offers straight to customers’ smartphones. Businesses may also track the whereabouts and movements of their clients by employing NFC tags. The marketing and advertising of the company might be enhanced with the use of this information. NFCs are an effective instrument that may be utilized to link businesses with their customers and promote their brands.

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Features of the System

  • Admin Dashboard – shows the most important records that may be accessed and managed by the admin.
  • Student Information Management– This module enables the system to manage student information. A student’s information can be added, altered, updated, or deleted by a manager.
  • Faculty Information Management – This module enables faculty information to be managed within the system. Information about teachers can be added, changed, updated, or removed by the admin.
  • Employee Information Management – enables faculty data to be managed in the system. Information about teachers can be added, changed, updated, or removed by the admin.
  • NFC Card Registration Module – The registration will be handled through the NFC Card Registration Module. The NFC card will be provided following registration.
  • SMS and Email Sender Module– this feature is one of the most important part for it will notify faculty members, users and even parents and students with the attendance.
  • Attendance Analytic Module– this will display the attendance records of the entire schools or establishment.
Face Recognition Attendance System Application Free Download Bootstrap and PHP Script - Admin Dashboard
Face Recognition Attendance System Application Free Download Bootstrap and PHP Script – Admin Dashboard


The goal of this study was to provide a method for increasing attendance’s effectiveness. This study was done to evaluate one of the crucial things that any school does, which is to check students’ attendance. The researchers have observed that some schools continue to check and record student attendance manually. As a result, the researcher developed a “Attendance System Using Near Field Communication Technology” that does away with the fundamental idea of collecting attendance. The study’s findings demonstrated that the produced system satisfied the demands and specifications of the targeted users and respondents. The solution will get rid with all the mistakes and issues with the manual attendance system. The system’s implementation will result in accurate, timely, convenient, and efficient attendance tracking.


The study’s major findings led the researchers to strongly advise against against using the QR Code Attendance System with SMS Notification. The system is advised due to the target users’ ability to benefit from its effectiveness and dependability. As soon as the attendance is recorded, the system generates an SMS to inform the parents of their children’s arrival and departure from school. Schools should set up the system so that students’ attendance may be simply and properly tracked. Additionally, the system’s deployment is strongly advised because it will produce a reliable and accurate record of students’ attendance.


The advancement of educational institutions is greatly aided by technological developments. Learning processes, instructional strategies, and educational systems are all improved by educational technologies, computerized systems, software, and applications. The “Attendance System Using Near Field Communication Technology” is a more sophisticated and original method of taking attendance that the researcher introduces in this case. The system by itself enables more accurate attendance tracking and recording. It will need less work and will frequently save time. Additionally, it notifies someone of their presence and absence. The system is also powered by Near Field Communication Technology. It has many features available, including an admin dashboard, student information management, faculty information management, employee information management, NFC card registration module, SMS and email sender module, and attendance analytic module.

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