Online Donation Platform Conceptual Framework

Online Donation Platform Conceptual Framework

This article will show you how to create a conceptual framework for the capstone project Online Donation Platform. The input, process, output (IPO) model was used for the conceptual framework of this investigation.

About the Project

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is the primary government agency who is responsible in developing poverty-reduction programs for the poor and disadvantaged people. One of their major role also is to provide help in times of calamities. The DSWD is accepting voluntary donations of clothing, ready-to-eat foods, financial assistance, and other essential items that will benefit the less fortunate. Currently, the DSWD doesn’t have an efficient centralized platform for donations. Those who wish to donate would still need to communicate with the DSWD staff for verification and processing. Those who would like to ask for assistance in times of calamities would also need to visit the city social welfare agencies. The current system for donations is not efficient enough in letting DSWD easily address and process multiple beneficiaries for assistance.

The capstone project“Online Donation Platform for DSWD” is an online platform for giving and asking donations in the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). The system will be managed by the staffs of the DSWD to verify donors and legible beneficiaries electronically. The system will have an SMS feature to notify the donors and beneficiaries about the status of their request.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To develop a system that will serve as an online platform for donations.
  2. The system will let donors donate efficiently and conveniently.
  3. The system will let beneficiaries easily ask for assistance especially in times of calamities.
  4. To design systems that will help the DSWD cater multiple transactions.
  5. The system will be easy and reliable to use.

Conceptual Framework Diagram

Online Donation Platform Conceptual Framework
Online Donation Platform Conceptual Framework

The image above is the conceptual framework of the project entitled Online Donation Platform. It is based on IPO model or also known as the input, process and output model.


This part of the conceptual framework is also known as the System Requirements Determination or Definition. The Input phase of the model includes the following activities:

  • Research
  • Survey
  • Observation
  • Research on related literature, studies and systems
  • Evaluation/Analysis of Requirements and Data gathered

The system requirements phase for the online donation platform was created to cater to the requirements of potential donors. The system was created to make it simple and safe for donors to give to the charities of their choice. The system was built with ease of use in mind, and contributors can select from a number of payment methods. The system was created so that donors could keep track of their contributions and get news about the charities they chose. The method was created to be effective and to enable nonprofit organizations to accept donations from a variety of individuals. Additionally, the system was built to be dependable and secure.


This is the part where the researchers will select and choose the best software development life cycle model that will fit for the project.

Analysis and Quick Design

During Analysis and Quick Design, the researchers did a personal interview with the respondents and the chosen client where the study was conducted. The respondents were given the chance to suggest how the laundry booking system will be designed. After conducting the data gathering, the researchers made an initial design for the proposed system which is the Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Management System.

Data Analysis

The researchers will analyze all the data, user requirements and information. This phase also help the researchers to have an idea on how to create the system and have an idea on how the laundry booking system would be beneficial to the clients.

System Design

The researchers will start to develop the laundry booking system. It includes the design; how the system would look like based on user requirements, and the researchers/programmer will apply their knowledge on programming and design to make the system more interactive and user friendly.

When it comes to online donation platforms, the programming phase can be critical in terms of getting everything up and running smoothly. This is because a lot of the work that needs to be done during this phase can be quite technical in nature, and even a small mistake can cause big problems down the line.

Online Donation Platform with SMS Free Download - Registration Form
Online Donation Platform with SMS Free Download – Registration Form

One of the biggest challenges that can be faced during the programming phase is ensuring that all of the software requirements are met. This includes things like ensuring that the platform is able to handle large volumes of donations, as well as ensuring that all of the functionality required by donors is available.

Another major challenge during this phase is making sure that everything runs smoothly and without issue. This means that the platform needs to be able to handle a high volume of traffic, as well as remain stable and secure throughout the process.

Overall, it is important to make sure that the online donation platform programming phase is done correctly in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly for future donors. By following the right steps and taking into account all of the challenges that may be faced, it should be possible to get the platform up and running in no time at all.

Prototype Cycle

This stage will include the compiling, building, demonstration also refinement of the data gathered by the researchers. The researchers first build a prototype based on the planed design and data tables. After building the prototype it will be demonstrated to the client. The researchers show the function of the system, the flow on how it works, and the functions of the features that are included in the system. The last stage is refinement where in the researchers will refine the system by client’s additional needs. This will include changes in features flow and functions based on the requirements.


This will include the feed backing of the proposed system after it will be implemented and had undergone testing by three Experts. It will also inform the researchers and the developer if there are any bugs, suggestion and if the system’s functionality will works well.

This will discuss the results of the testing wherein Three (3) Experts will evaluate the propose system. This will also discuss if the recommended functions and suggestion are met.


After the necessary steps were done, the project comes into life and implemented on the actual environment. A new project is born and will be maintained in order for the project to survive in the long run. The Online Donation Platform will streamline transactions between donors, beneficiaries the DSWD management.


For the conceptual framework of the study, the researchers used the input, process, output (IPO) model. Researchers begin by completing the input phase, which includes Research, Survey, Observation, Research on related literature, studies, and systems, and Evaluation/Analysis of Requirements and Data Collected. The process phase will adhere to the System Development technique, which includes Planning, Analysis and Quick Design, Data Analysis, Prototype Cycle, Testing and Evaluation, and System and Statistical Survey Result Analysis. A new project is born, and it will be maintained in order for the project to be successful in the long run. If adopted and maintained,The Online Donation Platform will streamline transactions between donors, beneficiaries the DSWD management.

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