IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Gold Fish Guide Mobile App

IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Gold Fish Guide Mobile App

This post will demonstrate how to develop a conceptual framework for a capstone project dubbed Gold Fish Guide Mobile. The input, process, output (IPO) model was used to develop the conceptual framework for the investigation.

About the Project

The capstone project, entitled “Gold Fish Guide Application” is a mobile application designed for gold fish owners. The application will assist owners in taking good care of their goldfishes. Gold fishes are sensitive and require thorough care for them to live longer. The manual method of acquiring knowledge on how to take proper care of gold fishes is not enough and not highly reliable which may leads on putting the lives of the gold fishes in jeopardy.

Nowadays, there are people who are fond of making goldfishes as their pet at home. Goldfish owners should be knowledgeable enough on how to properly take good care of their pets however they encounter difficulties in finding resources that can really provide them with the right tips on what are the proper ways to take care goldfishes. Goldfish owners usually rely on books and tips of other people which is not enough in completely providing them with the right and adequate information. Goldfish owners are in need of tools that will help them understand the needs of the goldfish in order to lengthen their life span.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To develop an application that contains complete and correct information on ways to properly care goldfish.
  2. The application will have a user-friendly interface that will simply display information about tips for taking care goldfishes.
  3. The application will be reliable as a source of information by goldfish owners.
  4. To design a mobile application that will help pet owners ensure that their goldfish thrive and live for a long time.
  5. The application is easy, convenient, and reliable to use.

Conceptual Framework/Model

Conceptual Framework of Gold Fish Guide Mobile App
Conceptual Framework of Gold Fish Guide Mobile App

The image above depicts the project’s conceptual framework, entitled Gold Fish Guide Mobile – Android Based Guide on how to take care of your Goldfish. It is based on the input, process, and output (IPO) model.


User Requirement –This is the area where the researchers obtained information about the system’s unique properties. It is vital to consider their suggestions because they will be the ones using the Gold Fish Guide Mobile.

Review of Related Literature – The researchers have conducted investigations and studies in the proposed system’s region. This procedure will be useful to the researchers as they develop the project or system.

This is where the researchers can now use their knowledge in programming to design and develop the system.


This is the part where the researchers will select and choose the best software development life cycle model for the project.

Data gathering

During this stage, the study’s researcher gathered all potential system development needs, including those gained from the system’s benefactors, the end users. The survey questionnaire was designed by the researcher and validated by experts. The surveys were designed to gather data to improve the performance of the proposed system for future community use.

Data analysis

Consultation is used to gather requirements from the end user and generate ideas. We also administered a survey questionnaire, which was accepted by the three experts (IT Expert, English Grammarian, and Researcher). These questionnaires also functioned as our data collection tool for evaluating the performance of the manual system, which served as the foundation for creating our suggested system.

System Design

During this phase, the prototype and planned system features are developed. A concrete grasp of how the system will work is also formed. In this section, we identify all of the necessary system inputs and outputs, as well as the design of data, processes, and interfaces.

Gold Fish Guide is a mobile app that helps users learn more about goldfish and how to care for them. The app includes articles on different goldfish varieties, how to set up and maintain a goldfish tank, and how to care for goldfish.


In this stage, we materialized the whole idea of the software to be designed. We created the program for the proposed system. The actual coding of the software is based on the system design and the requirements needs to be met. This is where the proper execution of the previous stages ensures a smooth implementation.

Program testing

In this phase, the researcher performed series of testing to check for any possible problems may arise during implementation and operation of the software and if the specification has been met.

Gold Fish Guide is an app that helps users identify different types of goldfish and provides information on how to care for them.

How to design Gold Fish Guide Application UI
How to design Gold Fish Guide Application UI


The Gold Fish Guide mobile app is well designed and easy to use. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner, and the app is easy to navigate. The images are clear and the app is easy to use. The app provides useful information on how to care for goldfish, and it is easy to find what you are looking for. The only issue that we found with the app was that it could be a bit difficult to find specific information on different types of goldfish. Overall, the Gold Fish Guide mobile app is a reliable source of information on how to care for goldfish, and it is easy to use.

System Acceptance 

This is the final stage, where the system is being installed and to be maintained after actual implementation. One must take into consideration are the hardware and the software requirements for the proper installation of the system. As part of the acceptance of this phase, the client is required to have a user training to enable them to familiarize fully the whole system.


After all of the relevant procedures have been completed, the project comes to life and is carried out in the actual world. A new project is born, and it will be maintained for the long-term existence of the project. The Gold Fish Guide mobile app is designed to help you identify and learn about different types of goldfish. The app includes a gallery of goldfish images, as well as a description of each type of goldfish.

Using the Gold Fish Guide Mobile App, you can learn everything you need to know about caring for and breeding goldfish. It contains thorough instructions on how to select the appropriate type of goldfish for your tank, how to set up and maintain your tank, and how to feed and care for your goldfish. In addition, the app provides a gallery of goldfish photographs as well as a list of websites for additional information. In general, the Gold Fish Guide Mobile App is a fantastic resource for goldfish fans who are on the road.

In addition to being simple to use, the app gives detailed information on all aspects of caring for and breeding goldfish. The images gallery is a terrific way to view how different varieties of goldfish seem in captivity, and the list of resources has information on anything from caring for your fish to breeding them. Overall, the Gold Fish Guide Mobile App is a fantastic resource for goldfish fans, and it would make a wonderful addition to any tank owner’s collection of resources.

IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Gold Fish Guide Mobile App
IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Gold Fish Guide Mobile App


The input, process, and output (IPO) model will be used to construct the study’s conceptual framework. Before applying their programming talents to build the project, the researchers identify the project’s user requirements and evaluate relevant literature for the study. The researchers will use the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) technique to complete the system. Its goal is to ensure that the project goes through several stages in order to provide comprehensive functioning that satisfies the needs of the users. As a result of this project, the Gold Fish Guide Mobile will be implemented, used, and maintained.

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