Installing Drupal on WAMP server

How to install Drupal on WAMP server?

In this lesson we are going to learn how to install a Drupal site on a WAMP server.

Installing WAMP server

1. We have to setup first our WAMP server on our machine. Click this link to download the latest version of wamp.

2. When the download is complete, Double click on the downloaded file and just follow the instructions. WAMP server includes the latest version of Apache, MySQL and PHP.

3. The installation path of your WAMP server is located in c:\wamp.

Installing Drupal on your WAMP server

1. Download the latest installation file of Drupal at

2. Navigate to “www” folder in your wamp server installation path (c:\wamp\www) and create a folder called drupal or whatever you like.

3. NOTE: Put all your projects in the www folder

4. Extract all the files from the downloaded drupal zip file to the drupal folder you’ve created.

5. Run WAMP, you should get a wamp icon in your system tray.

6. Open a browser window and go to http://localhost/

7. Click the phpmyadmin link and create a database called drupaldb or whatever you want (it will be the database of our Drupal site).

8. After you have extracted the file, open your browser and type “localhost/drupal”  in the URL address and hit enter.

9. Drupal installation steps:

a.       Select language, click install Drupal in English.
b.       Pre-installation check, checks if you have met the system requirements, just leave it and click next.
c.       Database configuration:

  • Database type: Select MySQL.
  • Database name: Enter drupaldb (the database name that you’ve created it step no. 7).
  • Database User Name: Enter root
  • Database Password: Leave this blank

Save configuration and continue.

10. Configuring site:

  • Site name: Enter Drupal site or whatever you want.
  • Site Email Address: Enter email address for your site
  • Administrator username: Enter your desired username.
  • Administrator email address: Enter your email address.
  • Administrator password: Enter your desired password.

Click Save and continue.

Congratulations, Drupal has been successfully installed.

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