T-Shirt Store in Django Free Source code

T-Shirt Store in Django Free Source code

Project Context

“T-shirt Store in Django,” the capstone project, is a sort of e-commerce platform for t-shirt products. The app will turn a regular store into a virtual one. The program will be used to present a list of t-shirt products, as well as descriptions and prices, for buyers to review and purchase online. Customers will no longer need to waste time shopping in a physical store because they can do so from the comfort of their own homes. They can then purchase the t-shirt of their choice with a few swipes and clicks. The application will make it simple, quick, and convenient to buy t-shirts online.

T-shirt items were typically purchased from actual stores and shops. They are displayed in a physical store, allowing customers to browse and discover t-shirts that meet their needs. This method of purchasing has been around for a long time and is becoming obsolete as technology progresses. As the demand for retail products develops, so does the industry’s rivalry. Each company or store should strengthen its marketing strategies in order to increase sales while also giving customers the option of acquiring t-shirt products. Integrating technology into the workplace is becoming increasingly popular, giving businesses a competitive advantage in terms of growing their target market and consumer base. This is the hole that the researchers have noticed and wish to fill.

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Objectives of the Study

General Objective – The main goal of the project Is to develop a T-shirt Store using Django platform.

  1. Be able to provide a platform that assists end-users in achieving their business and E-commerce goals.
  2. To establish a solid marketing platform capable of attracting a significant number of customers.
  3. To give an online platform for consumers to look for t-shirts in order to save time and effort when purchasing in person.
  4. To create a simple and one-of-a-kind method for quickly selling and shipping t-shirts.
  5. To make online t-shirt purchase and browsing more convenient for customers.
  6. To evaluate the system in terms of user acceptability, maintainability, productivity, quality, and efficacy.

Importance and Significance of the Project

The capstone project, “T-shirt Store in Django” will automate and streamline the process of shopping for t-shirt products online. The application will simplify the process of buying t-shirts.

The following are considered to benefit from the project’s success:

T-shirt Stores. They can get a competitive advantage by incorporating the web platform into their operations. They may successfully market their business and give a platform for buyers to complete the product purchase transaction quickly and effortlessly.

Customers. The internet platform enables consumers to view and purchase t-shirts at any time and from any location with ease.

Researchers. The study’s success will improve their research abilities and knowledge.

Future Researchers. If they want to create their version of the T-shirt Store in Django, they can use the study as a starting point.

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Features of the System

  • Dashboard – this serves as the main page of the system administrator. This is where major records are being displayed.

Shown below is the design of the system’s Dashboard.

  • Shopping Cart Module – this module is where the users can add items they wanted to purchase.

The image shown below is the design of the Shopping Cart Module.

  • Login Form – this serves as the login form of the system. The users will need to input the username and the password to gain access in the system.

Displayed below is the Login Form design of the system.

  • New Products Page – this page displays new available t-shirts in the system. This is where the users can view new t-shirts.

The image shown below is the design of the New Products Page.

  • Billing Details Page – this page serves as the billing module of the system. This is where the users can view the billing details of their orders.

Shown below is the design of the Billing Details page.

  • Order Monitoring Module – this module is used to monitor orders made using the system.

The image shown below is the design of the Order Monitoring Module of the system.


T-Shirt Store in Django Free Source code - Billing Details
T-Shirt Store in Django Free Source code – Billing Details
T-Shirt Store in Django Free Source code - New Products Page
T-Shirt Store in Django Free Source code – New Products Page
T-Shirt Store in Django Free Source code - Order Monitoring Module
T-Shirt Store in Django Free Source code – Order Monitoring Module


The researchers create a Django T-shirt Store for t-shirt businesses. The developed system was made available for input to its target users. According to the study’s findings, the built system meets the demands and needs of the respondents and intended users. The majority of project respondents praised the system’s usefulness and dependability in quickening the buying and selling of t-shirt products. As a result, the researchers came to the conclusion that the devised method is a useful tool for retailers.


The study’s great results motivated the researchers to vigorously advocate for the system’s adoption. The method is strongly advised due to the efficacy and dependability it may provide to the intended clients. The approach will enhance both customers’ and retailers’ overall experiences. The researchers emphasize that in order to conduct a transaction successfully, one must understand how to use the system properly.

The researchers made the following particular recommendations:

  1. According to experts, physical retailers should use the T-shirt Store in Django to improve the efficiency of their marketing plans and operations.
  2. Customers should use the online platform to conveniently and pleasantly obtain t-shirts.

Credits to the developers



The development of technology has altered our way of life and conducting business. It has had a significant impact on how firms run. Particularly now that the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the nation, businesses have started to use various technologies and the internet to more effectively streamline corporate procedures and enhance business strategies and marketing. The final project, “T-shirt Store in Django,” is an online shop where Django-made t-shirt products can be purchased. The project intends to end the established consumer-business relationship. Online stores will make it simpler for people and businesses to buy and sell T-shirts. Django will be used to develop this website, making it user-friendly. It will be simpler to use the user interface. The researchers will use the SDLC methodology to construct a project. The researcher will test and inspect the app after it has been created to make sure it functions properly and operates without a hitch. The finished application will be evaluated by a group of IT experts who will offer suggestions for upcoming upgrades and improvements.

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