Payroll System Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature

Payroll System Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature


This document presents various related literatures, studies, and prior arts which are relevant in the conduct and development of the project entitled web based payroll system.

The said system is a web based platform designed and developed in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap.

Related Literature Automated Payroll System of Pamana Medical Centre

According to the researchers Aguilera Bronzas and Marqueses (2010) a great payroll is really one of the most important issues to pay attention in almost every company. It is impossible to handle payroll responsibilities with a pen, ledger sheet and calculator, but nowadays it is more convenient for most companies to use computerized payroll software (

Krizalen Enterprise Payroll with Biometric System

According to the researchers Alvarez, Aldrine, Gecolea (2014) uses a biometrics with online data analytics dashboard to give krizalen enterprises an efficient payroll system that can automatically monitor the attendance and trip tickets of the employees, drivers and helpers with the biometrics technology and data analytics that would help them in the security and accuracy of the company payroll and information. Summing up the past situation of payroll inside krizalen enterprises, there was need for a system that could help them with employee information management attendance, monitoring, payroll processes, and assistance for the manager decision making. With this idea, the proponents conducted a study for the development of software that can minimize data redundancy, inconsistency, and manipulation. Employees can view their current pay and review their information from the database. And with updating of the reports that can be viewed through the internet, the manager can view the recent activities within the proposed system (

Computerized Payroll System of Department of Health (DOH)

The Computerized Payroll System of Department of Health is a window based program especially designed to facilitate and simplify the monthly preparation of general payroll and related reports such as Standard computerized payroll system for use in all DOH offices. It allows faster and more accurate computation of monthly gross income, deductions and net salary, less-resource-consuming generation of General Payroll and other payroll related reports and security and integrity of payroll data and information. The features of computerized payroll system of DOH are graphical user interface interactive and menu-driven program, systematic maintenance and retrieval of employee records (

Attendance Monitoring using Biometric with Payroll System

According to the University of California (May 15, 2016) in modern world there are many systems that are implemented to some industries in order to improve the manual transaction of the university. As new generation comes, a new technology has developed to provide the users fast and reliable transactions. This study tells the use of computer that will lessen the time and effort for updating and other ways of processing in accurate ways. Our propose system is for the Faculty Members of Cavite State University Silang Campus which we got curiosity on how the Faculty Members make a process that is why we make a system that we hope it might help a lot for the Faculty members. We are going to develop this system to improve our skills and make it useful for others especially with our target client. Biometrics has long being touted as a powerful tool for solving identification and authentication issues for immigration and customs, physical security and computer security (

Tanzania’s Government Payroll System

According to Kenan Kalagho writer of Business Weeks in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania the Payroll System saves Tanzania’s Government $927 Million. The government is currently saving some $927 million (Tsh1.5 billion) after introducing a new payroll system. Speaking in Dar es Salaam last week, the Assistant Director in the President’s Office, Public Service Management Peter Mushi said: “We have been able to solve to a larger extent the issue of ghost workers where the government was losing a lot of monies in salary,” Mushi said. He said the new system allows managers to monitor any changes that have been made on an individual’s information. Most countries in the region are battling with the issue of ghost workers which has been costing governments dearly. Mushi said the money saved is being used for other government development projects. The system has helped the government to eliminate and save cash in terms of salaries to some 34, 645 public servants from government payroll who were either already retirees’ or were already demised but had their monthly salaries updates in the former system (

Related Studies

Nyanmaru Computerized Payroll System

According to the researcher of Nyanmaru Computerized Payroll System (2013), nowadays all establishment are becoming modernized, they use modern technologies to make their transaction fast, easy and accurate in order to avoid waste of time and for the sake of safety and security. It also helps human to solve and understand complex problem and analysis such us the computational need of humans. Especially to business establishment or corporation processing enormous data complex transaction (

Employee Payroll System

According to Aishwarya Gupta (2013), AMITY University UTTAR Pradesh that develop a system entitled with employee Payroll System is an application that enables users to create Republic of the Philippines and store employee’s records. This application is helpful to the organization as it maintain data of employee’s related to that organization. Java is used to create this application as it is a platform independent language and can be used on a standalone machine as well as on a distributed network. Furthermore applications developed in java can be extended to the Internet based application. Thus java was chosen to do the front end task to design this application. That insisted the benefits of the application easy calculations (

Federal Personnel Payroll System

According to the Department of the Interior’s Interior Business Center the Federal Personnel Payroll System (FPPS) is a modern, mainframe-based, portable, integrated, on-line, and real-time personnel and payroll system. The system provides personnel and payroll support to numerous agencies. The system is customer-driven, creating and generating the full life cycle of personnel transactions, enabling agencies to maintain records electronically. FPPS handles all current regulations including specialized pay, garnishments, special appointment programs, and more. FPPS was developed by the Interior Business Center (IBC) using state-of-the-art database technology, fourth-generation language, structured development methodology, and computer-aided software engineering tools for robust performance and ease of maintenance. FPPS is a highly sophisticated and comprehensive database management system providing an extensive array of human resources (HR) and payroll automation support within its core, including requirements prescribed by client agencies, the IBC’s centralized Payroll Operations Division (POD), and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The FPPS application supports Requesting Office, Time and Attendance (T&A input), Servicing Personnel Office, Security, Time &Attendance Maintenance, and Pay Maintenance commands for Federal employees and Emergency Workers (Casuals) (

Cagayan de Oro City Hall Computerized Payroll System

According to the City Accounting Department of Cagayan De Oro City has introduced an upgraded computerized payroll system for permanent employees in a bid to improve its services and maximize resources. “This project, which was conceived two years ago, basically aims to improve our services particularly in the processing of payrolls for permanent employees”, City Accountant Wilma Polley-Rugay told payroll in-charge of the different departments and offices at City Hall during a briefing and orientation on the concept of the one-month payroll system held Friday last week at the City Council session hall in Cagayan de Oro City. With the added features of the new computerized payroll system, Rugay said the preparation, processing and payment of payroll system to permanent employees would be hastened and fasttracked (

Prior Art

Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System with Biometric and SMS

According to Glenda Manahan (December 13, 2013), to develop an Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System With Biometric and SMS for easy and secured way of monitoring staff attendance, plotting schedules, fast computation of the hours of employees’ work, and computerized payroll system that can help the staff to lessen their work. To computerize the traditional way of monitoring employees’ attendance with time cards. Another purpose for developing this software is to generate the desired reports automatically at the end of every session or in between of the session as they require (


There are many variations of making a computerized payroll system on how a client or the owner of the company wants to operate within the business. Nowadays it is more convenient for most companies to use computerized payroll software. Some literature about the proposed study uses a computerized payroll to give the company an efficient payroll system that can accurately monitor the attendance of the employee’s. Some studies used payroll system with biometric and SMS for easy and secured way of monitoring staff attendance, plotting schedules, and quick way of computing the hours of employees work, and a computerized payroll system that can help lessen their work.

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