Automated Payroll System Thesis Project with Complete Source code

Automated Payroll System Thesis Project with Complete Source code

Significance of the study

The present study endeavors to assess the present payroll system employed by Company. Result of this investigation will improve the payroll system. Furthermore the study will provide benefits to the following:


By using the Automated Payroll System, the rate of efficiency and effectiveness will improve and develop by providing:

  1. Date Security – this system use a password to protected database that can be accessed by authorized personnel only.
  2. Prevent Error – support of the buck up and restores utility to minimize the lost data of employees.
  3. Fast and easy to use – it is time saver, minimizing manual procedure and updated program.
  4. Automatic appearance of pay slips of the employee – a printed papers support of updated program to compute automatically the salary deduction and give the final total of the salary


Accountant/Disbursing Officer

This study makes the operation easy, automatic and accurate. It is not time consuming for the disbursing officer to operate because it is systematic.

Data Gathering Instrument

The data gathering instrument that used in the study is questionnaire method. The questionnaire is consists of a series of questions and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from the respondents.

The questionnaire is a way of collecting information through a given list if questions, the answer to which is recorded by respondents (

The self-made questionnaire is evaluated and validated by the group of experts on research and an English teacher.

The questionnaires consist of two Parts.

Part1.  refers to the identification of the present payroll system of Company

Part2. refers to the assessment of the level of preference among the employees to adopt an Automated Payroll System.

Data Gathering Procedure

A preliminary inquiry was made from the employees of the company to seek their cooperation and support in determining the necessary information needed in the study.

The researchers wrote a letter to the asked permission to study and distribute questionnaire to actual respondents. Upon approval of the letter, the researchers conducted and have an actual interview to employees and staff to validate their preference to create an Automated Payroll System.


This study aimed to develop an Automated Payroll System. The actual mode of the system automates payroll for faster, easy and accurate computation of salary and deductions.

Descriptive survey methods by administering questioner getting the percentage were used by the researchers. Self-made questionnaire was used as research instrument. Respondents were the employees of Company.

After administering the questionnaire, the data were collected, collated and tabulated with the use of tally sheet and frequency.

It was treated statistically using descriptive statistics such as frequency and percentage. Results showed that majority of the employees confirmed to develop an Automation Payroll System. One hundred percentage transactions were processed using manual. Has a total sample of one hundred (100), the data gathered were analyzed using statistical tools such as mode, frequency and percentage.

The preference of employee to adopt an Automation System in developing Automated Payroll System was found to be “Very High”. For all these, the researchers were found out that there is a need to propose an automated payroll system


  1. Manual system of payroll preparation is antiquated, tedious and error prone system, therefore it is recommended that it will be discarded.
  2. Since the preference level of respondents to adapt Automated Payroll System is “very high” it is therefore recommended that the institution will access soonest possible time on Automated Payroll System.

People ware Recommendation

The target user is the payroll officer, because he/she will be the one to use the automated payroll system. User should have knowledge about the system that he or she will be using, she must also understand the program itself. The user should also be a computer literate and should undergo training to understand and familiarize herself with the proposed automated payroll system.

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