Hospital Management System in Laravel 8 Free Source code

Hospital Management System in Laravel 8 Free Source code


Technology is viewed as a driver of change. It alters how every industry works and operates. One of these is in the medical field. Technology is the driving force behind medical and healthcare advancements. Computerized systems and software that have been developed improve the management and services supplied by the healthcare sector. Hospital management is a complex job that necessitates robust work and effort for the hospital to better serve its stakeholders. Hospital management includes management of admitted patient records, staff, the hospital’s pharmacy, blood bank, billing, the patients’ ward, and other hospital management areas. The integration of electronic technology to automate managerial operations is becoming increasingly important. The capstone project, “Hospital Management System in Laravel 8,” is software designed using Laravel 8 for hospital management. The program will act as a consolidated platform for all hospital management activities to be processed online. Traditionally, each management department of a hospital is controlled separately and by hand. The traditional technique is time-consuming, includes a lot of paperwork, and necessitates a lot of people. The implementation of the system will improve the overall operation of the hospital. The technology will improve the availability and accessibility of healthcare records and information throughout the hospital. The designed system will improve the hospital’s stakeholders’ services and modes of transaction.

Introduction of the Study

With the advancement of technology, the medical profession has been flooded with novel technologies to improve operational efficiency and better serve its stakeholders. The capstone project, “Hospital Management System in Laravel 8,” is intended to automate all hospital management areas. All manual operations will be phased out and replaced with computerized ones. Information about patients, workers, doctors, and other hospital personnel are recorded. Information storage and retrieval, medical bills, and other hospital business.

Traditionally, all aspects of the hospital’s everyday activities and operations are carried out independently and manually. For example, patient information is manually recorded by a staff member, which is time-consuming and prone to human mistakes. The traditional method will stymie healthcare transactions, information processing, and data sharing across all departments. Without upgrades, the hospital may be unable to deliver better clinical treatment to patients, and the overall operation of the hospital facility may be inefficient. The hospital’s operations cannot be fully optimized to better serve its mission.

Proposed Solution

The researchers designed a Hospital Management System using Laravel 8 as a response to the aforementioned concerns. The system will serve as a consolidated platform for managing all aspects of hospital activity as well as complex processes across departments. The said project will ensure the smooth management and administration of a hospital’s everyday operations. The hospital’s management can process and manage patient records, hospital physicians and employees, billing records, pharmacy records, hospital finances, and other management tasks electronically. The suggested system will remove all human errors, effectively manage various hospital management areas, increase patient happiness by providing quality healthcare, and provide other benefits. The designed system will improve the overall operation of the facility.

Hospital Resources and Room Utilization Management System - Bed Utilization
Hospital Resources and Room Utilization Management System – Bed Utilization

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – The researchers’ primary goal is to design, develop, and install Hospital Management Software developed using Laravel 8. The software’s goal is to automate all of the hospital’s regular tasks and management operations.

  1. To automate the regular tasks and operations of the hospital.
  2. To keep hospital records electronically in a consolidated system.
  3. To efficiently facilitate the hospital’s many management divisions.
  4. To improve clinical care offered to patients by utilizing the system.
  5. To create a system that will make hospital management more efficient, quick, and convenient.
  6. To evaluate the system in terms of user acceptability, quality, productivity, maintainability, efficiency, and reliability.

Scope of the Study

This research focuses on the creation of a Hospital Management System utilizing the Laravel 8 framework. The technology is solely capable of automating hospital management. Paperwork and physical stores will be phased out in favor of digital data storage. The system’s intended users are hospitals and their staff.

Significance of the Study

The success of the project is significant to the following individuals or groups:

Administration/Management in a Hospital. They will benefit greatly from the project’s success. The program will help them manage the hospital. It will simplify daily operations and transactions between them and other hospital departments, as well as with patients.

Researchers. Their participation in the study will help the researchers improve their skills and knowledge in designing successful systems.

Future Researchers. If they want to construct their version of the project, they can use the study as a guide.

Development Tools

The “Hospital Management System in Laravel 8” is a capstone project is intended for the healthcare industry. The system will automate and simplify all of the hospital’s daily operations. The said project will replace the existing process of operation which is manual.

This portion of the paper will provide you with an idea of the forms that will be included in the Hospital Management System. Laravel 8 was used to create the said software.

The project documentation is available upon request (chapters 1 to 5). Please contact us if you require the whole project documents.

Project Highlights

The Hospital Management System in Laravel 8 is a database-driven system that encompasses all aspects of the hospital’s management and operations. The aforementioned effort will improve the hospital’s overall performance in serving its stakeholders.

The system has the following advantages:

  1. Automated ProcessesThe technology will help hospital administrators and managers manage different complex processes and day-to-day hospital transactions.
  2. Records Management– it is a database system that converts hospital records into electronic files that are safe, accurate, dependable, and quick to access.
  3. Report Generation— The system generates reports on the state of the hospital’s various departments automatically.

How the System Works

This section of the paper contains the discussion of the researchers about the system’s forms, modules and user interface. The researchers will explain the features and functions of the system.

Front-end – this is the design of the system’s front end where the users land first when they access the system.

Shown below is the front-end design of the system.

Hospital Management System in Laravel 8 Free Source code - FrontEnd
Hospital Management System in Laravel 8 Free Source code – FrontEnd

Back-end – this is where the administrator manage and edit all the functions and records of the system.

The image shown below is the design of the system’s back-end.

Hospital Management System in Laravel 8 Free Source code - admin-screenshot
Hospital Management System in Laravel 8 Free Source code – admin-screenshot

Database Tables – this are the visual presentation of how the tables will be created and how it’ll work. These are the list of tables used in the development of the project.

Shown below is the visualization of the tables in the system.

Hospital Management System in Laravel 8 Free Source code - Database
Hospital Management System in Laravel 8 Free Source code – Database

Credits to the developer



Technological progress is the primary driving force behind advancements in the medical and healthcare sectors. Computerized systems and apps are used to make transactions and processes more efficient. This study was carried out to implement a new system that will considerably improve the hospital’s operation. The researchers created a Hospital Management System in Laravel 8, which automates hospital management. The study’s findings revealed that the developed software satisfied the demands and requirements of the intended users and respondents. The technology has the potential to improve hospital operations and transactions, according to the majority of respondents.

As a result, the researchers found that a system is an effective tool for electronic hospital management. Every day, the hospital administration can efficiently manage numerous tasks such as admitting patients’ records, personnel, the hospital’s pharmacy, blood bank, billing, the patients’ ward, and other hospital management areas. The developed system will improve the overall services offered by a hospital.


The Hospital Management System developed in Laravel 8 is highly recommended by the researchers. It is recommended because of the efficiency and dependability it may provide to the target audience. The system will make hospital records and information available and accessible at the touch of a button across all departments. The implementation of the created system will enhance the services and modes of the transaction provided by a hospital. The aforementioned project will replace the current manual operation technique. The project’s major goal is to enable a paperless transaction. It also intends to provide low-cost, dependable automation of current systems. The system also provides high data protection at all levels of user-system interaction, as well as robust and reliable storage and backup features.

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