Introduction to HTML will provide new sets of tutorials which includes HTML, CSS, Photoshop ,  Programming Languages such as Visual Basic, Visual, Java, C#, etc. and we will try to upload video tutorials on the said topics. Keep on visiting for more updates.

Introduction to HTML

This set of lessons and tutorials will provide you the basic knowledge of HTML through examples the easy to follow instructions and explanations.

What is HTML?

  • HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language; it is the main markup language for creating web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser.
  • HTML is a text formatting language.
  • In simplest term HTML is used to create websites.

What tools are needed?

Learning HTML is not complicated as that, in fact HTML is fun and easy to learn. The following are the tools needed to in learning HTML:

Text Editor – A word processor that has been specialized to make the writing of HTML documents more effortless. Notepad and WordPad are some examples of Text Editor.

Browser – The purpose of a web browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) is to read HTML documents and display them as web pages.

The browser does not display the HTML tags, but uses the tags to determine how the content of the HTML page is to be presented or displayed to the user.

NOTE: You do not need to be connected to the Internet while making your websites.

Don’t Forget: HTML was invented by Tim Berners-Lee.

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