Invoicing App in Figma and Flutter

Invoicing App in Figma and Flutter


The improvement of information technology is fueling the expansion of the business industry. Technology gives firms a competitive advantage by automating corporate activities and transactions. Invoice records are crucial in a product or service-oriented business since they provide confirmation of the company’s services and the payment owing by consumers. Invoice records help the company maintain track of its sales and finances. Most of the emerging invoice systems nowadays are web-based or applications that are needed to be installed on computers. The researchers of the study will delve into developing an invoicing application that can be installed on mobile phone devices. The researchers will develop the invoicing application using the Figma and Flutter Framework. The researchers will develop an application that will make it easier for businesses to create, organize and track their invoices. This project will electronically manage the company’s sales data, payables, and total invoice records. The researchers will collect a sample size of business company personnel, finance department staff, and their clients to function as study respondents.

Introduction of the Study

Technology is often employed to automate corporate activities and transactions. The capstone project, “Invoicing App in Figma and Flutter,” aims to automate the process of creating and managing a company’s invoices. The aforementioned initiative will assist businesses in maintaining an organized, accurate, and dependable record that will allow them to track their sales and invoice records.

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The invoice record of a firm is legal proof of the company’s supplied services and the money owed to the company by the client. Many organizations usually manage their financial activities, particularly invoice records, manually. The manual recording method is prone to human error and will not allow the business to efficiently examine its financial situation. However, as technology advances, invoices can be done electronically and most systems are web-based and web applications. The researchers would like to delve into developing an automated invoicing process using only mobile phones. The number of mobile phone users has significantly increased which allows for the introduction of a new mobile application that can aid individuals with their day-to-day queries. The researchers of the study will focus on developing an invoicing application using Figma and flutter.

Proposed Solution

To fill in the aforementioned gap, the study’s experts proposed the construction of the Invoicing App created with Figma and flutter. The suggested application will enable the electronic preparation of firm invoices as well as the electronic processing of customer invoice information. The project will ensure that financial records and transactions are accurate, dependable, secure, and safe. The proposed solution will eliminate the manual process’s paperwork and other issues in the pre-existing invoice systems. The technology would substantially simplify the process of maintaining invoice records and would allow the business to keep track of sales and finances in real-time.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the researchers of the study generally aims to implement an Invoicing app developed using Figma and Flutter framework.

The researchers specifically aim the following objectives:

  1. To create an app that will automate the process of creating invoices.
  2. To implement a system that is capable of tracking a company’s or organization’s sales and finances.
  3. To design an application that is simple to use, can be completed in a short amount of time, and fits within the end-budget user’s.
  4. The app will keep client invoice records.
  5. To assist businesses with their financial operations.
  6. To create an application that is simple to use, safe, dependable, and convenient.

Scope of the Study

This research focuses on the Invoicing App development process in Figma and Flutter. The program is only limited to electronic recording and storage of invoice data, which will allow businesses to track their sales and finances. The researchers will create an invoicing app that is simple to use, safe, dependable, and convenient. The researchers will collect a sample size of business company personnel, finance department staff, and their clients.

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16 Lists of Free Capstone Project Ideas in Flutter

Significance of the Study

The success of the project is significant to the following individuals or groups:

Businesses. With the system’s assistance, they will be able to manage invoices more efficiently and simply. The technology will enhance the company’s capacity to manage invoices, sales, and other financial transactions. With the support of the technology, the app will make financial transactions, namely invoice recording, more efficient. The aforementioned initiative will make the work of the financial department easier.

Researchers. If the study is effective, they will gain more experience, abilities, and understanding in delivering successful projects.

Future Researchers. They can use the study as a reference if they want to upgrade the app or create their version of the invoicing app.

Development Tools

Businesses can use the Figma and flutter invoicing apps to automate their invoice procedures. Businesses will be able to use the application to keep track of purchases, sales, and invoicing electronically.

This article will give you a general overview of the kind of forms that should be included in an Invoicing App. Figma and Flutter were used to construct the app.

The documentation for the project is available upon request (chapters 1 to 5). If you require the whole project paperwork, please contact us.

Project Highlights

“Invoicing App in Figma and Flutter,” the capstone project, is a database-driven system that will allow businesses to electronically store and monitor invoice records, specifically sales and money.

Advantages of Using the Application:

1. Automated invoice management – firms can use the software to electronically process and track invoice records.

2. Records Management – This is a database system that converts paper invoices into electronic records that are safe, accurate, dependable, and rapid.

3. Fast Transactions – Invoices and other financial transactions will be handled fast and easily.

How the System Works

This article will go over the system’s features and functionalities. The forms, modules and user interface of the system will be explained by the researchers.

Create Invoice – this module will allow creation of of new invoices. This will allow the users to add necessary information needed to complete the details of the invoice.

Shown below is the image of the Create Invoice module design.

Invoicing App in Figma and Flutter - Create Invoice
Invoicing App in Figma and Flutter – Create Invoice

Company Details – this module will allow the users to add to their company details. To add, the users will input the company name, business email address, business phone number and business address.

The image displayed below is the design of the Company Details module.

Invoicing App in Figma and Flutter - Company Details
Invoicing App in Figma and Flutter – Company Details

Credits to the developer:

behance :


Because invoice management affects cash flow, it is crucial to the company’s entire functioning and profitability. Invoice records serve as legal proof of the company’s services and the client’s payment responsibilities. Managing invoice records is critical for every organization, and it needs a precise approach to avoid severe errors that could compromise the company’s financial position. The study’s findings demonstrated that the planned invoicing app met the demands and requirements of the respondents and intended users. As a result, the researchers concluded that applying the established application will significantly benefit organizations in organizing and tracking invoice data. All of the flaws that plagued the manual technique and pre-existing systems will be eliminated by technology, allowing businesses and organizations to better their operations.


The researchers strongly recommend that the Invoicing app be built-in Figma and Flutter be implemented. Experts recommend that businesses utilize the program to manage and store their invoice data. Because of its effectiveness and dependability, the program is highly recommended, and it may be supplied to the organization’s financial department. According to the project’s experts, the intended users should have a thorough understanding of how the established system works. Businesses should consider utilizing the app to keep track of their invoices and other financial records.

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