Free Download Point of Sale System in Visual Basic

Free Download Point of Sale System in Visual Basic

Version 1.0.0
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Create Date August 27, 2015
Last Updated August 27, 2015

Free Download Point of Sale System in Visual Basic

POS Setup Features:

Manage User Accounts

Manage Suppliers Information

Manage Products Information

Receive or Stock-in Module

POS Module

Cash on Hand Report

Product Inventory Report

Product Received Report

Sales Report

Reprint of Receipt or Invoice

Username: admin

Password: admin



28 Responses to Free Download Point of Sale System in Visual Basic

  1. tayab says:

    How can I dowload

  2. enad says:

    How can I see the code ?

  3. jaypoc says:

    is this free?

  4. mho says:


  5. ader says:

    I tried to install it. But I receive this error message:
    Run time error ’52’: Bad file name or number
    What to do now..?

  6. Raul says:

    Hi,, to see the Code I need to have VB6?

  7. Razon Joven says:

    sir..executable na po ang project na i2.. pede po mka hingi ng hindi nka exe….yung sa vb 6.0 ko ma open…

  8. Jean says:

    Pano po i open to?

  9. pradeep says:

    how to run this file .. what all are supporting files to be get installed
    over here .. PLS HELP REGARDING THIS …

  10. pradeep says:



    • says:

      please indicate what are the dll needed, and you can also download the installer of the system so that it will register the ocx and dll of the system. sorry for the late reply.

  11. JP Divino says:

    Can I customize the designs on backgrounds and font style on this??

  12. john says:

    alin po yun iciclick to run the file?

  13. im getting erro 52: and Bad File or Number message…… after i try to setup the app.

  14. Jody Ann says:

    We can’t customize . I wish to use it on our retail shop, how can i change the written drug store in vb 6

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