Science Learning Games using Visual Basic 6

The Science Learning Games was developed to enhance the interest of students in their science subject and to give science teacher/s another method of teaching. The researchers used Waterfall Model in developing the Science game. In this methodology, the software evolved as a result of shared information between the respondents and the researchers. The science teacher requires that the content of the system would be based on their teaching outline and the rest of the system requirements were establish by the researchers.

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Science Learning Game in Visual Basic 6.0

The system has two interfaces, teacher and student interface:

The teacher serves as the game admin. She or he will log in using user name and password in the game. Every time the teacher will modify or update the game, modification will be stored in the database of the game. Teacher could manage the quizzes, videos and store and modify records.

The student will access the game by entering his or her name. Then, the student will view his or her score after playing the game. The student can play games and take quizzes, view videos and facts, and view scores.

Software Requirements.

The software minimum resources necessary for the proposed system.

Development Tools

Microsoft Visual Basic 6. Front end of the system, the program modules within were created. In short the programming used for the development of the system.

Microsoft Access. Back end of the system, database management softwarewas impliedly used to manage the backend database.

Windows2000/XP/7/8. OS used to establish the system’s full functionalities

SwishMax/Flash. Software used for animating objects.


  1. Science Teachers should try this new multimedia system to determine its effect to the performance of their students. They should consider the possibilities of the system as an alternative tool to upgrade performance of the students.
  2. School Administration should be supportive for the possibility of using the multimedia system in their school to provide opportunity to enhance both teachers and students the teaching and learning by using this game in the subject Science.
  3. If found necessary, a training workshops be conducted for grade 6 Science Teachers in order for them to know how to manage the system.

Due to the size of the file we’re unable to upload the system. The source code will be posted after we have optimized the compressed the file.

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