Grade Management System Chapter 5

Grade Management System Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of the capstone or thesis documentation usually presents the summary of the study, conclusion drawn by the researchers and the necessary steps to be done as part of the recommendation.


The Student Grade Management System is software that will manage the students’ grade of the entire college which includes several departments or programs. This project is a campus wide information system that focuses on grade compilation that will be used by the registrar’s office.

The objective of the study is to give solution to the grade transparency problem of students and make them aware of their academic performances. In developing the software the researchers conducted a survey to get the system requirements and to find out if there is really a need of developing a student grade management system. The respondents were students and teachers of the every department in the campus. The result of the survey is very high showing that there is really grade transparency problem to be solved. With the survey result showing that there is high percentage of students and teachers who strongly agreed that there will be development of Student Grade Management System, the researchers continue the study to help the department in its grade management records and make the students get aware of their grades.

After the researches got the system requirements using survey questionnaire, the system design was made immediately. The researchers used the MS Access as the backend of the system and Visual Basic  as its front or Graphical User Interface (GUI). After the system development, the researchers conducted a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to determine the acceptability of the proposed system in terms of its Information in the Program, Ease of Use, User Interface, Speed, Accuracy and Security. In general the mean interpretation was “strongly agree” which showed that the proposed system was accepted.

Based on the findings, the researchers conclude that the proposed system adequately met its objectives and that was accepted by the intended users in all terms of its functionalities. And therefore, the researchers recommend to the school to adopt and implement the Student Grade Management System in order to promote grade awareness and thereby improve the school’s grade management system.


The development of the Student Grade Management System is based to the situation of the present system, with the result of the survey showing high percentage of problem. Therefore the researchers conclude that there is really a need to develop the system. With the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) conducted with the general mean of 4.34 which was interpreted as “strongly agree”, the researchers induce that the following notion with regards to its objectives were being met:

  1. The Student Grade Management System is acceptable with regards to speed.
  2. The Student Grade Management System is acceptable with regards to security.
  3. The Student Grade Management System is acceptable with regards to accuracy.
  4. The Student Grade Management System is acceptable with regards to efficiency.
  5. The Student Grade Management System is acceptable with regards to consistency
Grade Management System Chapter 5
Grade Management System Chapter 5


Student grade management system is for all the students of the campus which helps in students’ grade transparency. We recommend to the school to implement the developed system in order to solve the grade transparency problem which was experienced by the students as being discussed in the previous chapters of the research. The possible administrator of the system must be the chairperson of the department to make sure that the person with full access to the system is creditable enough to hold its overall information. The possible location for the system implementation should be in the ICT office of the school where there could be software compatibility or it could be implemented in every school’s department and provided just at least one stand-alone computer unit.  It is further recommended to train possible users of the system for its maximum efficiency.

Recommendations to the future researchers:

    1. The future researchers may conduct studies in the other departments regarding grade management.
    2. They could also make a registrar automated grade issuance for wider scope that may help in the school’s success.
    3. They may also use the student grade management system and integrate it to the registrar’s grade issuance for the betterment of the software.

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