Fire Extinguisher and Fire Fighting Drone

Fire Extinguisher and Fire Fighting Drone


Technological advancement contributes to predicting and preventing disasters. Some computerized systems and applications assist all designated disaster risk respondents and the people to lessen the damages and losses caused by a disaster.

The capstone project, “Fire Extinguisher & Fire Fighting Drone” is designed to assist the Bureau of Fire Protection to correspond during fire outbreaks. Up until now, the BFP found difficulties in responding to fire occurrences in areas that are not accessible by big fire fighting tools and even human firefighters. The BFP is in continuous search on how to fully optimize the use of technology to assist them in controlling fire occurrences.

The researchers developed a firefighting tool that is capable of accessing vantage points that are inaccessible by large firefighting equipment. The researchers thought of using drones as a firefighter. Drones have an advantage in managing fire outbreaks because of their small size, allowing them to penetrate tight spaces and quickly extinguish the fire.

The project, “Fire Extinguisher and Fire Fighting Drone” will be checked and tested by presenting it to the respondents and intended users. The researchers will also present the project to the panel of IT experts for evaluation. The researchers will make sure that the project is fully functional and operational to be useful in controlling fire outbreaks.

Fire Extinguisher and Fire Fighting Drone
Fire Extinguisher and Fire Fighting Drone

The implementation of the system will greatly benefit the BFP, firefighters, and the people. The drones will increase the response time of the firefighters in attending to fire occurrences. By having the device, damages and losses brought by fire outbreaks will be mitigated.


The capstone project, entitled “Fire Extinguisher and Fire Fighting Drone” is a device designed to help firefighters effectively control fire and lessen damages. The device is designed as an aerial eye of firefighters to quickly responds to fire outbreak.

A fire outbreak is a major tragedy if not controlled will cost damages to lives and properties. The Bureau of Fire Protection continues to innovate ways on how to effectively control fire outbreaks in the fastest way to lessen the damages. One of the most seen problems of the firefighters is to correspond to fire outbreaks in areas with a vantage point that the existing resources of the firefighters will face difficulty in gathering information about the fire hot spots and will cause a delay in controlling the fire. They need an effective tool that will assist them to easily locate vulnerable spots during a fire outbreak and quickly respond.

Proposed Solution

To address the aforementioned problems, the researchers proposed a project titled Fire Extinguisher and Fire Fighting Drone. It will serve as an aerial device that will assist firefighters in responding to fire occurrences. It is useful in areas that are inaccessible by big fire-fighting tools. Due to the small size of the drone, it can quickly reach areas of fire occurrence where humans cannot easily pass through. The fire extinguisher and fire fighting drone make the job of the firefighters easier and more efficient in corresponding to fire outbreaks.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – The main goal of the project is to design and develop a Fire Extinguisher and Fire Fighting Drone that will serve as an aerial eye for firefighters to easily control fire outbreaks.

The project specifically aims the following objectives:

  1. The device will assist firefighters in locating hotspots during fire occurrence.
  2. To develop a fire fighting tool that will quickly gather information about the condition of the fire.
  3. The device will help firefighters quickly control the fire to lessen damages.
  4. The device is efficient and highly reliable to use.
Schematic Diagram of Boreas - 618 A Firefighting Robot
Schematic Diagram of Boreas – 618 A Firefighting Robot

Scope of the Study

The researchers of the project focus on designing and developing drones capable of extinguishing and controlling fires. The device will serve as an aerial device that will assist firefighters. The researchers will develop a project that is limited only to corresponding fire outbreaks. The project’s respondents are the BFP and firefighters.

Significance of the Study

BFP. The system will address their needs for an effective device to help them control fires especially in areas where their large firefighter resources cannot easily access or correspond.

Fire Fighters. The system will make their job easier by helping them quickly control fires.

Researchers. The success of the system will improve their knowledge and programming skills. The researchers will also be appreciated especially in helping protect lives and properties.

Future Researchers. Future researchers can use this study as a reference if they wish to pursue a similar study.


The researchers conducted the study to investigate ways how to use technological innovation to quickly respond and control fire outbreaks. The researchers have found out that firefighters faced difficulties in controlling fire occurrence in narrow areas. As a response, the researchers developed a Fire Extinguisher and Fire Fighting Drones that will serve as an aerial eye and support of the firefighters in corresponding to fire occurrence. The result of the study showed that the developed Fire Extinguisher and Fire Fighting drones met the needs and requirements of the firefighters which is a device that is capable of extinguishing fires in narrow areas.

The researchers concluded that the developed project is an effective tool to address the need of the Bureau of Fire Protection. Drones have a small size that is capable of accessing areas that humans cannot easily access. Indeed, the device is effective in corresponding and controlling fire outbreaks.


The researchers of the study highly recommend the implementation of the system. The researchers suggest that the BFP should utilize the Fire Extinguisher and Fire Fighting Drones to assist them in locating the hot spots during fire outbreaks and extinguish them quickly. The researchers also highlight that the intended users should have enough knowledge on how to properly use the system.

The researchers specifically recommend the following:

  1. The researchers recommended that the device should be utilized to quickly control fires and lessen damages.
  2. The implementation of the project is highly recommended for it will serve as an aerial eye of the firefighters that gather information about the condition of the fire outbreak.
  3. The device is effective and reliable to use during fire occurrence.

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