PHP Tutorial – Learning the PHP Syntax

PHP scripts are enclosed within a start and end tag. PHP scripts are embedded in a HTML document and you can place the PHP codes anywhere in the document.

The two forms of PHP scripting block:

  • The shorthand form starts with <? and end with ?>.
  • The standard form which is the recommended to use <?php ?>.

Here is the example of the PHP script embedded in the HTML document:

<title>My First PHP script</title>
<?php echo "hi guys!"; ?> </body>

echo is used to display/output the text to the browser.

Note: place a semicolon at the end of your PHP scripts and the save the file with a .php extension.

Save the file as myFirstPHPcode.php and place the file in the web root of your web server, i.e. c:\wamp\www

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