HTML Tags and Elements

HTML Tags and HTML Elements

HTML Tags and HTML elements they are commonly defined as same thing, but actually they’re not. HTML Tags are surrounded with brackets (<) (>) and in between those bracket is what we call keywords. The two brackets and keyword between them are known as a tag. Example of a HTML Tag is <html>.

There are lots of HTML Tags, and they all come in pairs; the start tag <html> and the end tag </html>, they are also called the opening and closing tags.

Note: the end tag or closing tag is just like the opening tag, with a forward slash before the keyword.

HTML Elements consists of the opening tag, closing tag and everything found between the two tags.

Example: <h1> Welcome to! </h1>

Note: for the consistency of your HTML documents, lowercase should be used in HTML Tags, although mix used of uppercase and lowercase will not affect the behavior of your HTML Tags but technically it is stated that all tags should be in lowercase.

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