Daily Time Record System in Visual Basic

Daily Time Record System in Visual Basic

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Create Date December 11, 2015
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Daily Time Record System in Visual Basic

The system will be maintained and manage by the administrators while the employees are only allowed to swipe their identification card using barcode technology or using of biometrics devices.

List of Features


Manage List of Departments – (department name, description)

Manage List of Designations – (designation name, description)

Manage List of Employees – (name, address, designation, department, birthdate, picture)

Manage List of Events – (event name, date, time)

Attendance Report – (list of employees with their status during the events)

Employee Fingerprint Registration (for biometric device only)

Employee’s DTR Report

System Flow

The administrator must encode first the departments, designations and the list of events, next is to encode the employees information as well as the fingerprint registration. The employee or personnel can now use the system for login and logout and the system will automatically records the date and time.



18 Responses to Daily Time Record System in Visual Basic

  1. nell says:

    nice, can i have your admin password in database access

    thank you

  2. Fherdz says:

    cannot login in. what is the username and password for system and database

  3. Hany says:

    Do you have source code for C#? My main problem is how would I design the DTR Form in print report

  4. navaneethan says:

    whats the database password

  5. lenlyn says:

    cannot print the report??
    what should I do?

  6. jhon says:

    Good day sir .. how can i see the code sir ..? I want to learn how it happen ..TIA

  7. ALJON MANDAP says:

    what’s the password of database please help.

    • inettutor.com says:

      please like, share and followe our facebook page, the details will be posted in our fb page.thank you.

  8. glads says:

    error occured during log in

  9. RICHARD says:


  10. danny says:

    error occured during log in

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