PHP Tutorials Compilation

PHP Tutorials Compilation

Here are the list of our PHP Lessons and Tutorials

  1. Introduction to PHP scripting language
  2. PHP Tutorial – Learning the PHP Syntax
  3. PHP Tutorial – PHP Basic Data types
  4. PHP Variables
  5. PHP String Variable
  6. PHP if statement
  7. PHP if…else statement
  8. PHP if…else…if statement
  9. PHP Loop

    a. The while loop
    b. do while loop
    c. for loop

  10. PHP Arrays
  11. PHP Function
  12. PHP $_GET and $_POST
  13. PHP Forms
  14. PHP-MySQL
    a. Introduction
    b. Connecting to MySQL database
    c. Creating  a Database
    d. Creating  a Table
    e. Selecting Database
    f.  Inserting of records
    g. Select Data in Database and Display the record in HTML table
    h. The Where Clause
    i.  The ORDER BY Clause
    j.  UPDATE statement
    k. DELETE statement
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