Visual Basic 6 source codes compilation

The following are the list of Visual Basic 6 downloadable source codes. will be posting a step by step tutorial on the following source codes.

1. Print image in data report
2. Load rtf file
3. Sample of error handling in vb6
4. Filter records by date range
5. Form Validation
6. Random string
7. Open pdf in vb6
8. Upload mysql, dump/drop mysql database, create table in visual basic 6
9. Filter record via combo box
10. Matching type game
11. Sort record in listview
12. Sample print receipt
13. Populate textbox from record in database
14. Append query demo in ms access and vb6
15. Add and remove item in listview with database
16. Add and remove item in combo box with database
17. True or false game with database
18. Login system with attempt counter
19. Login system with user registration
20. Login system with user account management

21. Login system with own account updates (username and password)
22. User Management with account privileges in vb6
23. msgbox demo (different type of msgbox)
24. Connect to mysql (wamp) database in vb6
25. crud ( create, update, delete) app in mysql
26. Datagrid demo in vb6
27. Auto compute on text change event in vb6
28. Icon View in list view vb6
29. Drag and Drop game in vb6
30. Identification game
31. Compute respondents
32. Library catalog system
33. Compute sum in visual basic 6 listview column
34. Prevent duplicate record
35. How to restore deleted files in the database
36. Show/Hide value of textbox
37. Table join demo in vb6 and ms access
38. Fahrenheit to Celsius converter
39. Peso to Dollar Converter
40. Transfer item from one listview to another listview
41. Show next previous first and last record
42. Limit password to atleast 6 characters
43. Auto increment id with prefix letters
44. Change background of form in runtime
45. Passing value to another form through listview control
46. Open website/webpage in vb6
47. Enable/disable useraccounts in vb6

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