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Android Based Fitness and Exercise App

Android Based Fitness and Exercise App

Title: Android Based Fitness and Exercise


Studies show that a simple exercise such as walking on a regular basis can increase the performance of our brain, improve concentration, focus, and cognitive function.

The proponents chose to do the study for the reason that in doing so; hopefully, it will help the proponents to learn about hybrid development android programming using HTML, CSS, JS. This proposed study will also modernize the old or traditional way of teaching exercise and fitness routines (gym with gym instructor). With the advent of mobile phones, especially android phones, the users can follow the basic exercise and fitness routines recorded in the app with less or no supervisions at all from the gym instruction.

Daily Time Record Automation

Main Form of DTR System


Technology has been rapidly moving towards the modern world. The rapid growth of technology-based type of system influenced the procedures of business establishments, workgroups, institutions, and companies, not only in the private sector but also in the public sector.

Having this kind of technology and being in the field of computer science, the focus must be on how this certain type of technology will affect the procedures being made by a particular institution upon its implementation.

Web and Mobile Computer Equipment Monitoring and Budget Allocation System with Decision Support System

Computer Equipment Monitoring System

Web and Mobile Computer Equipment Monitoring and Budget Allocation System with Decision Support System

Decision Support System

The function of a Decision Support System is to input, process and output; Input is where the users add, edit or delete valuable data or information into the system, while in process the system computes for probability that will base the output of the computed amount of data and shows statistical outcome using graphs or charts to be easier to understand by the users.

Socio-Academic Web Portal for Administrator, Teachers, Students and Stake Holders

Socio Academic Web Portal

Socio-Academic Web Portal for Administrator, Teachers, Students and Stake Holders

Project Context   

The existing way of updating students about the concerns inside the school, up-coming events and school activities is putting a piece of paper in the bulletin board of every department. This is also the way of some Instructors in reminding their students about their projects on when is the deadline to be passed. Even school administrators, they also post in the bulletin board concerning on the scholarship of selected students.

Many Students experience difficulty about the information that they will need to know. They get low grades because of late submission of their projects at the date scheduled by their instructors. And sometimes students could not participate in some events and activities in the school because they do not know when the exact date and time of the program is.

Integrated Enrolment with Student Kiosk System

School Management System - Student Ledger Module

Integrated Enrollment with Student Kiosk System

Scope of the Project

This study seeks to develop a system that will address the following:

  • To implement a fast, easy and systematic way of conducting student profiling, enrolment, and assessment.
  • To properly manage the enrolment process in a well-organized manner.
  • To generate quickly a correct, accurate and reliable enrolment and assessment report of a student.
  • To generate instantly needed summarized and accomplishment reports.

Rice Sales and Inventory System

Rice Inventory and Point of Sale System

Rice Sales and Inventory System

The researchers would like to help find solutions to the problem of Sales and Inventory system of store owners. Somehow this study would deepen the understanding of the researchers about marketing and sales inventory. The researchers would like to propose an automated inventory system that can provide reports of sales in a day accurately.

This system provides a convenient way for the accounting section and the administration to check and monitor the stocks. Automated inventory system is a broad concept that deals with the process of buying materials from supplier, storing it in a designated warehouse, and issuing it to the product or retail depending upon the nature of the business. Storable resources, such as raw materials, work-in process, finished goods, etc that are contained in a warehouse and they are used to meet the demand of the existing and future customer of particular company. Store managers need to know the number of item in their storage shelves in order to place order or check any losses at any given period of time. These days, it is less likely to see companies using manual counting for their inventory management because it is so tedious and time taking.