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Mobile Based eTicketing System

Mobile Based e-Ticketing System

Project Context

As the study is expanding and having many customers, it faces different problems. With these problems, their system experiences: unorganized transactions, long queue, scammers, unreliable updates about the upcoming events, and the availability of ticket at the ticket store. In the mentioned problems, there are possible solutions that can help the study. The e-ticketing thru mobile application can help the customers, the company, marketing staffs and other employees of the business. The proposed system has many features that can help every user have a faster and easier process. Every business is being known by its good service. The number of people patronizing this business is rapidly growing with the implementation of the e-ticketing thru mobile application, the customers can have a more secured and assured purchase of tickets. With this idea, the company can offer quality services to the customers and a faster, reliable, accessible, time efficient, effortless and easier process of purchasing tickets.

Completed Thesis Project for Information Technology

Completed Thesis Project Compilation

1. Student Information System – Visual Basic 6, PHP/MySQL
2. Payroll System – Visual Basic 6, PHP/MySQL
3. Entrance Examination – Visual Basic 6
4. Faculty Information System – Visual Basic 6, PHP/MySQL
5. Polling System – Visual Basic 6
6. Medical and Laboratory Record Keeping System – Visual Basic 6, PHP/MySQL
7. Library System – Visual Basic 6, PHP/MySQL
8. Cashiering and Queuing System – Visual Basic 6
9. Student Account and Cashiering System – Visual Basic 6
10. DTR (Daily Time Record) System – Visual Basic 6
11. DTR (Daily Time Record) System with Biometrics – Visual Basic 6
12. School Management System (Enrollment, Registrar, Cashiering, Student Information Module) – Visual Basic 6

Android Based Common Ailment Remedy App


Technology is the purposeful of information in the design, production, and utilization of goods and services and in the organization of human activities. Technologies have a wide range influence in our generation today having all this technology the new generation is really innovating. Technologies can make a person move production and this productive person was needed by mart station and job today.

Filipinos are avid patrons of herbal medicine they spend anywhere from P75-90 billion on herbal medicines annually, according to the government. That’s about half the total amount spent by Filipinos on medicine both synthetic and natural every year. It’s a massive amount that indicates a huge pent up demand for herbal medicines, which have been a basic remedy in many Filipino homes since the time of their Grandfather and Grandmother mostly because they’re cheaper than synthetics.