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Information Management Security System

Nowadays we have suffered a lot of problems, there are: crimes, unexpected incidents and so on. Lack of security is on top. In this incident we can’t assure our safety in our daily lives, every time and everywhere.

Before we desire to enter in a campus or any establishment, traditionally we always used to present our ID to the guard, a little checkpoint on our belongings and then you can easily enter inside without checking it strictly whether the ID is already expired, invalid, and the worst, if it is fake. People can easily enter any particular places like offices, schools or any establishments because they are not implementing strict requirements to the individual to enter because they are just looking on their ID. Therefore, the people who have entered inside an establishment can’t assure their safety.

LAN Based Entrance Examination System in Visual Basic and MySQL with Android Application

LAN Based Entrance Examination System in Visual Basic and MySQL with Android Application

General Overview

LAN Based Entrance Examination System (LBEES) is a system in which entrance examination in college is conducted through computers. The system provides the advantage of generating examination results within a single minute after finishing the examination.

Computer Assisted Instructions in College Algebra

Computer Assisted Instructions in College Algebra

One of the most troublesome and terrifying courses for students in Tertiary Level is College Algebra. The researchers had come up the idea of developing a Computer-Aided Instruction in this subject for a better and easy way of the teaching-learning process of the students. Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) is a tool where learning and acquiring skills are the focus.

Electronic Voting System

Project Context

(state your school or institution) is using the traditional way of voting in their election process where students will have to line up and register their name before they can vote. The students will collect their ballot, write their chosen candidate, submit their ballot, and have their fingernails inked. The counting of process is another problem. After the given election period, the members of the electoral board will have to count the votes manually which is a very tedious task and is prone to errors. Thus, manual counting may result to inaccurate and unreliable results.

Bus Terminal Toll Management System

Purpose and Description

The terminal is new to the city so it does not use any system and is currently not using any technology. It only uses paper, log books and pen to record the information of the vehicle. The problem with the terminal that has no system is that the records can be misplaced because it is only recorded on log books. Also, the terminal does not have the records of the plate numbers of the vehicles that enters the said establishment. Information can be manipulated due to unsecured method that is being done through pen and paper only. Logbooks are not that secured for it could be misplaced or damaged because it is a concrete document.